Fighting Revenge Porn Websites – some useful links

February 7, 2013

My blog article on appears to have hit a nerve. There are many good websites dedicated to stopping the Revenge Porn Websites. Here are a few that I find useful. Please let me know if you know of others that should be added to this list.

end revenge porn

without my consent. Paths to justice for survivors of online harassment.

The Charlotte Laws Blog, in particular the blog article: Hunter Moore, Isanyoneup and Cyber Rape

Adam Steiunbaugh’s Blog About Law and Technology

the blog article Beating Revenge Porn with Copyright in Info/Law Blog Information, Law and the Law of Information

Blog Article: Fighting Back Against Revenge Porn

Blog Articles: Revenge Porn and the Uphill Battle to Sue Site Operators Part I and Part II


Other Articles on Revenge Porn Websites on My Blog.

Revenge Porn Websites such as Raise Complex Legal Issues

Some More Thoughts on Revenge Porn Websites Legal Issues