Comments please

I was hoping to generate some interesting discussions around my blog topics. But there have been very few comments even for the limited number of readers that I have so far. I encourage you to add comments. If you agree with me, that is good, if you disagree, in most cases that is better. If you want to say you like my article, that is good, if you want to say that you do not like it, and are willing to offer a good reason why, that is better. I want to hear from you.

2 Responses to Comments please

  1. Hey Gary – I think your content is fantastic and super-relevant for tech entrepreneurs. You might want to consider submitting new items to the Hacker News website for discussion:

    I think your content is well in line with what the community there craves.


  2. What an attorney! Always looking for a feisty argument. That’s why we love you.

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